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Graha Pravesham

Graha Pravesham is a Hindu ceremony performed on the occasion of an individual's first time entering their new home. The "Puja" or act of worship, is performed in various stages during the construction and entry of the home. Once the home is ready, the individual has to find an auspicious time to conduct the puja, in consultation with an astrologer or Hindu priest.

Graha Pravesh is popular in three forms: ""Apoorva", which is performed upon the first entry into a newly constructed home, "Sapoorva," which is done when an individual enters the home after arriving from a foreign land, and "Dwandwah," which is done when the individual enters the home after reconstruction or renovation, which might be due to fire, flood or earthquake. Among others, various Puja recommended are the Vastu Puja and Vastu Shanti. After the Graha Pravesh is performed, one may enter their new house.